Appointment of female and male teachers to managerial positions into the Ministry of Education in Kabompo District

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Kangamba, Dorothy Chilombo
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The study was designed to investigate the appointment of female and male teachers to management positions in The Ministry of Education in Kabompo District.Those investigated were female and male teachers were in managerial positions in Kabompo district. The researcher collected data using questionnaires and analyzed the data by using tables of frequency, graphs and qualitative techniques.The study revealed that more male teachers were promoted to managerial positions than female teachers because male teachers had higher qualifications than the female teachers. Furthermore, the study also revealed that there were more female teachers than male teachers in schools. In addition, female teachers refuse to accept promotions which require them to go and work in rural schools. The appointment of female and male teachers depended on the professional qualifications, performance and the willingness of the one to be promoted and work where they were posted. In a nutshell, the variations in promotion to managerial positions in the district is gender inequality as most females do not have the standards and qualifications required for promotion, or refuse to take up positions due to schools which are in the remote areas.The study, however, suggested on how more female teachers could be promoted. The suggestions were a stepping stone for further investigations into study.
Teahers , School Management , School Administration