Stroke in the young adults at the University Teaching Hospital, Lusaka

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Lambwe, Nason
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This six month prospective case controlled study involving sixty patients was conducted at the University Teaching Hospital, Lusaka, Zambia.To study the relationship between strokes in the young adults (15-45 years) and HIV infection.Thirty young adults conveniently chosen who presented with stroke were counselled and had an HIV test done. After a full history and examination, investigation done included RPR, CT, RBS, ECG, ECHO, LP, FBC, U/E, CD4 and LFT. A matched control group of thirty patients was also recruited.The results showed 25 (83.3%) of stroke patients were positive for HIV while the seroprevalence in the control group was (53.3%). The median age for strokes was 29 and the other major risk factor apart from HIV infection was cardiovascular abnormalities, which were present in 3 patients (10%). Most of the patients had stigmata of retroviral disease although most of the investigations were negative for HIV related pathogens. The major CT scan finding was normal except for one patient who had suspected toxoplasmosis. Many patients had anemia of chronic ill health and generally reported late to the hospital.HIV is strongly associated with strokes in the young adults.
Cerebrovascular disease , Cerebrovascular disease -- Patients