Communication links utilised by women in their Agroforestry activities : a case Chama, Chipata and Katete District Women's Development Associations

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Mwela, Lukonde Millica
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This practical attachment report is based on the student's findings and experiences in Chama Chipata and Katete. The student was given an opportunity to have an insight into KEPA Zambia and ICRAFs involvement with the DWDAs in the Eastern Province. KEPA and ICRAF render financial and technical assistance to the women by equipping them with information on the adoption of agroforestry techniques for the replenishment of soil fertility. Women who are responsible for most of the country's agricultural produce are faced with a lot of problems regarding soil fertility and are unable to obtain adequate fertiliser to ensure the desired performance of their crops. For that reason the planting of trees has been proposed as an alternative to the mostly unavailable and expensive inorganic fertilisers to the rural communities. The student's task was to evaluate communication links utilised by the women's groups themselves as well as KEPA and ICRAF and efforts by the two organisations to assist the women in their struggle for development. The report highlights some of the important aspects in group communication considering that in the DWDAs the most important are the women's groups. Also discussed is the importance of member participation in decision-making.
Forestry Projects -- Zambia