Challenges of livestock raising among Small-Scale Farmers in Southern Province: The case of Mbabala Area

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Muyuba, Euster
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This research is a detailed study that looks at all forms of livestock kept in Mbabala area by small-scale farmers. It examines the importance and problems faced by the livestock keepers in relation to their standards of living socially and economically. The research report shows that livestock play important roles among the Tongas of Mbabala. These include selling to raise capital for various purposes such as buying farming inputs, buying food and other household requirements and sending children to school. Other purposes are providing draught power, paying fines and slaughtering for consumption at family levels and during ceremonies. However, small-scale livestock keepers face a lot of problems concerning their livestock such as diseases, drought, lack of food, theft, land tenure and poor management. These problems have resulted in the reduction of livestock which in turn has led to a decline in the living standards of the small scale livestock keepers in Mbabala area. Hence the farmers and the government are faced with the challenge of redeeming the livestock enterprise. So far little has been done by both the farmer and the government. Therefore, it is recommended that among other things, steps should be taken to solve the problems faced by livestock keepers. For example farmers should Form groupings where they can put their resources together, constructing water reservoirs and giving loans to the farmers.
Livestock-Southern Province-Zambia , Livestock Raising-Southern Province-Zambia , Farms, Small-Southern Province-Zambia