Assessment of caregivers' knowledge about medications and medical conditions by time of discharge in paediatric department at University Teaching Hospital of Zambia

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Bowa, Paul N.C.
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The University of Zambia
Background Discharge is a period of transition from hospital to home that involves a transfer in responsibility from the inpatient health care providers or hospitalists to the patient and primary caregivers. The study was aimed at assessing Caregivers’ Knowledge about medications and medical conditions by the time their paediatric patients are discharged. Methodology In a Cross-Sectional Study carried out at University Teaching Hospital, paediatric department in Lusaka city of Zambia. 369 caregivers of discharged paediatrics patients were asked to participate in a study. A Pre-tested interview administered questionnaire was used to collect data on their level of knowledge about medical conditions and medication of their paediatric patients by time of discharge. A knowledge index was developed representing the number of correct answers. Chi square test analysis was used to indicate significance of the results. Results Most Caregivers were married (78.8%),parents (82.2%) , unemployed(57.7%) with Primary level of Education(45.5%).Generally more caregivers were knowledgeable about medical conditions of their Patients than medications. The study found that 35.5% were very knowledgeable,27.6% had average knowledge and 36.9 % were not knowledgeable about medical conditions. 16.5% were very knowledgeable,35.5% were average knowledgeable and 48.5 were not knowledgeable about medications. The overall knowledge about medical condition and medications was poor with only 11.9% very knowledgeable,35.5% average knowledgeable and 52.6% not knowledgeable. Study of Pearson Chi square reviewed that there is statistically significant association between Age(P=0.000),Gender(P=0.023), Duration of Hospital stay(0.000) ,Level of Education (0.000), Occupation (0.000)and Relationship of Caregiver(0.002) to Level of knowledge. There was no statistically significant association between Marital status of Caregiver and the Level of knowledge.(P=0.72). Conclusions Caregivers were not knowledgeable about medical conditions and medications of their paediatric patients by time of discharge. However ,the study findings indicated that Caregivers were more knowledgeable about medical conditions than medications. Keywords Caregiver; Discharge; Medications; Medical counselling; Medical conditions
Caregivers , Children--Services for , Childcare , Nursing Social Aspects , Community Health Nursing--Zambia