QUALITY ASSURANCE FRAMEWORK Promoting Excellence in Teaching, Research and Community Service

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University of Zambia
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The University of Zambia Quality Assurance Framework provides guidelines and mechanisms for the promotion and enhancement of quality in all the functions of the University. The framework also provides procedures for evaluation and monitoring of the performance of the University against establishment institutional standards. The Quality Assurance framework is designed to reflect: (i) The vision and mission of the University; (ii) The legal and institutional frameworks under which the University operates; (iii) The governance and management structure of the University; (iv) The main functions of the University, that is, teaching and learning, research and community service; (v) The collegial nature of the University; and (vi) The University as a Community of scholars. Quality Assurance is entirely the responsibility of the University. This responsibility is shared within the University through the various management, academic and operational units. In this regard, all University staff are expected to be familiar with the Quality Assurance Framework and to apply the processes, practices and maintain and enhance the standards contained therein. It is hoped that through this common and shared responsibility, a quality culture will develop, be nurtured and sustained in the University
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