Police Brutality: Is the establishment of the Police Public Complaints Authourity a solution?

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Mwila, Anthony
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This study is very necessary and important to the development of jurispnadence regarding medical negligence in Zambia. The study is intended, firstly, to contribute to, and provoke thought regarding Medical Negligence in Zambia. It is conceded that cases of negligence involving patient mismanagement, for instance, are widespread and happen everyday. These cases have undeniably caused Medical Negligence victims great pain and suffering. Regrettably, many other such victims have demised.Thus, this study is also an attempt to respond to, with a view to addressing, the injustice suffered by those who have demised or have experienced pain and/or continue to experience pain and suffering on account of Medical Negligence. Naturally, this raises ethical issues regarding the medical profession. Be that as it may, the author concedes that there is need to balance between the need to ensure that professional ethics are respected and upheld, which is crucial for the practice of medicine, and public interest, for the common good and welfare of society.Furthermore, this study is new in Zambia. Anecdotal evidence reveals that cases of Medical Negligence are common, and yet there has not been much litigation in this area. It is therefore time Zambia rose up to the challenge and made strides in mitigating the impact of Medical Negligence, with due regard given to both the interests of medical doctors and the public.
Trials(Torture)-Zambia , Police Brutality-Zambia