Performance of non-ruminants when guar(Cyamopsis tetragonaloba)meal is used as the main protein source

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Hamukombo, Memory Molly
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University of Zambia
A study was conducted to evaluate feed utilization, nutrient digestibility and growth performance of non-ruminants when Guar meal is used as a protein source. Processing methods that were evaluated inclucde roasting, boiling, water soaking, and auto claving. The processed seed materials were subjected o nutritional evaluations including chemical composition, nutrient digestibility assay and grow h feeding trials with rats. The experiment was a completely randomized design (CRD)with six treatments, five replications and 1 rat per experimental unit. The formulation of rations used in the digestibility and growth feeding trials were based on results of chemical composition analysis. Chemical analysis showed that CP was higher in raw guar and low in water soaked treated guar due to leaching of nutrients in the discarded water. Digestibility as analysis conducted showed no significant difference among the guar treated meals(P< 0.05) . Feeding rial showed that intake was more in soyabean, followed by roasted, soaked and boiled guar. Final weight c lange of the rats showed no significant difference among the guar treated meals(P< 0.05). Feed efficiency also showed no significant differences (P < 0.05).
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Chickens-Feeding and feeds , Poultry , Non-Ruminant livestock