Economic role of goat production to smallholder livelihoods in Zambia's Gwembe district

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Muyatwa, Likando
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University of Zambia
The study was aimed at establishing the economic role of goat production to smallholder livelihoods. It was undertaken in Gwembe District in Zambia's Southern Province. A survey was conducted covering 100 households and purposive sampling was employed to select households who were involved in goat production. The study showed that on average a weaner would contribute about KIO, 193.00, a Shegoat K12, 816.00 and a billy K20, 015.00 towards the total net margin of a smallholder livelihood. On the other hand the smallholder livelihoods in the study area kept the following livestock; cattle, local chicken, pigs, pigeons, ducks and fowls and these contributed to their economic well being. According to the respondents there was a high participation of other service providers in the study area. These service providers were; the Government, World Vision and German Technical aid to Zambia. The type of assistance given by these organizations differed e.g. assistance given by the Ministry of Agriculture and Co-operative staff was purely extension services while that given by World Vision and German Technical aid to Zambia was inform of inputs such as breeding stock and drugs. As for the marketing system, individuals and private organizations were the only institutions involved in buying of goats from the small-scale farmers, there was no government interventions. It was also noted that farmers mostly sale their goats in the dry season due to hunger at that time of the year. It was recommended that Producers and Middlemen form Associations and contribute to a revolving fund, to improve the marketing facilities, other than waiting for funds from the government. The government should create legal institutions to foster the development of goat industry in the country e.g. through the Ministry of Agriculture and Co-operatives.
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