The legal framework of foreign trade and development in Zambia

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Watae, Sydney
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This is a study of the legal framework and administrative practices governing trade in Zambia. It begins by considering the pertinence of trade that is external economic intercourse, to development. In this regard it considers the role of the state in development, and that of law, as a tool of social engineering. The study examines the major theories that have been promulgated about the role of trade in development. For developing countries, such as Zambia, the main theories in this respect have been those relating mainly to import substitution and export oriented growth. An overview of the trade regime before independence in Zambia is also given in this study. This is necessitated by the fact that the law enacted by the colonial regime has had an over all profound effect on the development of trade related policy. It's influence on the content and operation of the legal order is also made. The study then examines the effects and consequences of the legal and administrative framework on the trade regime in Zambia and it's implications for economic growth and development In conclusion, the study makes observations about trays in which the regime can be Bade more effective in it's role as a vehicle for economic growth and development.
Foreign Trade - Zambia , Legal framework & Administrative practices - Zambia , Legal framework & Administrative practices - Zambia , Role of trade in Development - Zambia