Growth performance of indigenous Chickens feed locally available feed resources under intensive management in Mazabuka District

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Mwendaweli, Diana
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The University of Zambia
A study was conducted to evaluate growth performance of three strains of indigenous chickens, using locally available feed resources at different nutritional levels under intensive management in Mazabuka District of Zambia. The strains were Frizzle feathered. Naked neck and Zambi. The control diet (FEED 1) mainly comprised maize bran and number three meal in a 1:1 ratio and the experimental diet (FEED 2) comprised maize bran, number three meal and sunflower cake mixed in 1:1:1 ratio. Salt was also added to both feeds. The experimental layout was a completely randomised design (CRD) with three replications for a total of 56 birds. Data were collected over a period of 6 weeks and the parameters measured were body weight, average daily gain and feed efficiency at different levels of feeding. These were; control diet (ad libitum) and experimental diet at 100 g/d, 75 g/d and 50 g/d respectively. Data were analysed using one-way Analysis of Variance using Genstat statistical package. Strain and feeding level were the fixed effects in the model. Means for each variable effect were compared using the Duncans multiple range test. Results showed that there were no significant differences (p>0.05) found between strains fed on the control diet and experimental diet at 100 g/d and 50 g/d feeding levels, although the Zambi tended to record higher weekly weights. However, significant differences (p=0.05) were observed in the weekly weights between the strains of chickens fed at 75 g/d level. The frizzle feathered tended to record higher average daily gain in weight and the zambi exhibited a higher feed efficiency among the strains. Mortalities throughout the study were moderately high for all strains, varying from 40 % (Frizzled), 45% (Naked neck) to 46% (Zambi) respectively. It is concluded that the Frizzle feathered and Naked necks were the faster growers among the strains identified.
Chickens-Breeding-Mazabuka, Zambia , Chickens-Production-Mazabuka, Zambia