The National Policy on foreign direct invesment in relation to Zambia development agency Act: Does it safeguard the interests of the Zambian people?

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Zulu, Sabi Charity
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The essence of this essence was to examine the national policy on foreign direct Investment in relation to Zambia Development Agency Act and demonstrate that it could be enhanced to ensure maximum benefit for Zambia. The main objective of the research was to highlight and examine the pitfalls of ZDA Act in relation to the national policy on foreign direct investment in terms of investment promotion and guarantees, incentives and licences, permits and certificates of registration. The methodology employed was two-prolonged viz; Desk Research and Field Research. Chapter one discussed what foreign direct investment is? The types of FDIs as well as its advantages and disadvantages. Chapter two discussed the investment climate, benefits and problems in less developed countries that investors are likely to face. Chapter three has analysed the strength and the weaknesses of ZDA Act of 2006. Chapter four has discussed the successes of FDI, the impact of FDI on the Zambian economy and the problems with FDI in Zambian copper mines. Chapter five draws a conclusion and makes some recommendations about the essay. Thus Zambia as a nation does not benefit fully from FDI. The Zambian Government must v. develop the political will and institutional capacity to effectively enforce existing labour safety and environmental legislation.
Investment, Foreign-Zambia , Zambia-Economic Conditions