Strategies to overcome the challenges faced by weekly boarders: a case study of selected day secondary schools in Chikankata district in southern province, Zambia.

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Daka, Harrison
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International Journal of Humanities Social Sciences and Education
Weekly boarding school has been one of the initiatives introduced in the education sector to help learners coming from distant places to be able to access education. This study sought to come up with solutions/strategies to the challenges faced by weekly boarders in selected day secondary schools in Chikankata district in southern province, Zambia. This study was anchored on the Ecological System Theory propounded by UrieBronfenbrenner (1979) that holds the view that we encounter different environments throughout our lifespan that may influence our behavior in varying degrees. The study employed a qualitative particularly a case study research design using qualitative method of data collection and analysis. The sample consisted of 42 participants comprising pupils, parents, class teachers, and head teachers from the selected schools. Purposive sampling procedure was employed to select the head teachers, teachers, guidance and counseling teachers and parents. Semi-structured interview guide was used to collect the data. The findings of the study showed that pupils who are on weekly boarding faced challenges of transport fares, finding food, travelling long distances and lack of enough time to study. The findings of the study showed that causes of these challenges were poverty, lack of concern of parents/guardians, lack of intervention of school management, psychological and emotional distress, and inadequate income by most parents to support their children’s education. The identified strategies to help address these challenges were: strengthening dialogue between the school management and parents/guardians. The study recommended the solutions to the challenges that pupils are facing are: engaging cooperating partners in addressing the challenges of accommodation; and parents concern through by providing pupils with the necessary school requisites, including paying for their school fees and accommodation.
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Weekly boarding schools--Challenges--Zambia