The administration of justice in the local and surbodinate cpourts of Zambia:an overview of the appropriateness of the present structure,procedure and qualifications of personnel

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Nyambe, Mukelabai
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This dissertation undertakes to examine the application of the concept of justice to the practical realities of court processes and administration in the Local and Subordinate Courts of Zambia, that is the lower courts - other than the High Court and the Supreme Court. The thesis is divided into four parts. Part one comprises one chapter; part two consists of two chapters. Part three has one chapter which is divided into two sections; and part four has three chapters. Chapter one discusses the concept and intricacies of justice. In chapter two an historical background to the present Local and Subordinate Courts in Zambia, is undertaken. It concentrates on the period 1890-1924 when colonialism first set in through the rule of the British South African Company (BSA Co.). Chapter three carries further the historical investigation of the evolution of the local courts and subordinate courts during the period 1924-1964 when the country was under direct British Rule taking over from the company. These chapters trace the origins of these courts or what may have been analogous to them, from the very early time of colonisation to the time of independence. Issues of the kind of personnel that presided over these courts, their qualifications and the socio-economic climate existing at different periods that may have had some influence on the court structures and function, are noted. Chapter four focusses on the post-independence developments with emphasis on the changes that were made to the structure of the Local and Subordinate Courts including new policy pronouncements which were put into effect. In Chapter five we examine some of the existing setbacks to the administration of justice in these lower courts. This chapter particularly looks at the role of and problems that two related institutions for the administration of justice (the Police and Legal Aid Department) have brought. Chapter six brings to the fore problems identified in the course of the earlier chapters, in order to try and assess and suggest possible improvements and solutions. Chapter seven concludes the discussion by way of summary of some fundamental aspects and issues brought out in the main text of the dissertation.
Justice--local court--Zambia , surbodinate courts--Zambia