Exploring curriculum hurdles in implementing the social studies curriculum in Zambia: perspectives and experiences of civic education teachers.

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Mate, Matilda Musho and Robinson Mambwe
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The study explored teachers’ experiences in the teaching of Social Studies subject at Junior SecondarySchool in selected schools of Zambia. Employing the qualitative interpretivism research paradigm, theinvestigation utilized purposive sampling to select participants. Data collection instruments includedinterview guides for Head of Departments (HODs), Focus Group Discussions (FDGs), and observationchecklists for Social Studies Teachers who included Civic Education instructors. Thematic analysis wasemployed to analyse the collected data. The study revealed a multifaceted perspective on the integration ofCivic Education into the Social Studies curriculum. While the integration offered the advantage ofstreamlining the examination process by consolidating subjects, it also introduced challenges such ascontent overload, diminished academic performance, resource inadequacies, time constraints in completingthe syllabus, elevated pressures on untrained educators, and deficiencies in teaching competency, skills, andtechniques. Drawing from these findings, recommendations were made, including the need for the Ministryof General Education (MoGE) to increase the training of Social Studies teachers, provision of essentialteaching resources to schools, engagement in seminars, workshops, and continuous professionaldevelopment (CPDs), and enhancement of school infrastructure. Furthermore, the study proposes that thegovernment should provide support to educators involved in the creation of Social Studies teachingmaterials, encourage action research practices among teachers, foster collaboration among colleagues toshare best teaching practices, and allocate increased funding to schools. https://www.researchgate.net/publication/379638917_Exploring_Curriculum_Hurdles_in_Implementing_the_Social_Studies_Curriculum_in_Zambia_Perspectives_and_Experiences_of_Civic_Education_Teachers [accessed May 11 2024].