Dual Citizenship-A critical Analysis of the Current and Future Legislative Provisions in Zambia

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Ng'ambi, Suwilanji
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Dual citizenship has in the past been considered a problem by several if not all nations around the world. The apparent distaste for its adoption in Zambia can be seen in the current constitution as stated by the articles that provide for the loss or renunciation of one's Zambian citizenship once the citizenship of another country has been acquired. In addition to this, various debates have taken place over the years through which the issues of dual nationality have been raised and greatly argued against. Very little literature has been written with respect to dual nationality in Zambia let alone the benefits this position is likely to bring to Zambia or its economy; therefore this essay will to a minimal extent provide some insight on the issues at hand.This essay will endeavour to give an understanding to the term dual nationality based on the provisions of current legislation as well as possible future legislation for example, the Mung'omba draft constitution. In addition, an analysis of the positions of two states that have moved toward the acceptance of dual nationality will provide an abstract view of the issues at hand with respect of dual nationality and its acceptance and hopefully create provision for its tolerance within Zambia.Furthermore, it is important to consider the views of individuals advocating for dual nationality and whether the law should be amended in order to harmonize the views of those for its acceptance and those against this position. These issues form the basis of this study.
Citizenship (Duall) - Zambia , Citizenship (Zambian Law)