The teaching profession in Zambia from 1964 to 2014.

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Banja, Madalitso K
Mubanga, Mofu-Mwansa
Serenje, Janet Chipindi
Chakulimba, Oswell C
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UNZA Press
This chapter presents an analytical discussion of the historical development of the teaching profession in Zambia from 1964 to 2014. The first part focuses on the development of teacher education during this period, including the expansion of existing institutions and the establishment of new teacher training institutions, qualification requirements for teachers, teacher enrollment and programmes aimed at preparing teachers at both primary and secondary teacher training institutions. The second part examines teaching in Zambia relative to the characteristics of a profession in order to identify the constraints confronting teaching in the country in attaining professional status. In view of the challenges, it is unlikely that teaching in Zambia will become a profession in the near future. The final part discusses current trends towards professionalisation of teaching in Zambia and concludes that professionalism rather than professionalisation should be the focus of any attempts to improve the status of teaching.
Profession--Professionalism--Teaching--Teacher Training--Teacher Education-Zambia. , Teaching profession--Zambia. , Teacher education--Zambia.