The promotion of gender equality in the dispensation of criminal Justice in Zambia: A case study on the application of gender equality in sexual offence cases

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Chiwowa, Luka Lytons
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This dissertation was seized with the task of ascertaining the promotion of gender equality in the dispensation of criminal justice in sexual offences cases in Zambia and establish whether or not existing laws are adequate to curb the vice considering the current laws and legal procedures. The research also endeavored to provide the reasons that have led to the high prevalence of gender imbalances in the dispensation of justice in sexual offence cases in the Zambian jurisprudence. The study through research discovered that there is a high prevalence of gender imbalance in the dispensation of criminal justice in sexual offence cases. It further established that there are a number of causes that have led to high prevalence of gender insensitivity in the administration of justice by adjudicators. The research determined that among the causes or weakness in the laws identified stem from the Constitution of Zambia and its subsidiary laws like the Penal Code. Other deficiencies in the law identified by the study relate to the various procedures, requirements and rules that tend to work against complainants of sexual offence cases. More so, the research found that existing laws governing sexual violence do not provide adequate protection to the victims. Further it has established through research that there is need for the Constitution and relevant laws to be amended by parliament so that they contain provisions that protect women and girl children against sexual violence.It is with this background that this study was necessary to ascertain the gender biasness which exists in the administration of justice in sexual offence cases in Zambia. The researcher has also made recommendation that government must take into consideration in order for it to achieve fair and equal dispensation of justice to all regardless of gender.
Sex Crimes--Law and Legislation-Zambia , Sex Crimes (gender)