Integrated and automated mobile data Information system in statistics.

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Nkhowani, Chenela
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The University of Zambia
The swift expansion of Mobile Phone Technology in the developing world has created rapid development and deployment of a wide array of Potential Applications, including Mobile Banking, Data Collection, Patient Tracking, and Behavioural Interventions which has allowed many Organizations to Monitor Performance, Making Decisions about our Programs, and report on our progress cheaper, faster, and better. The basis of the study is to create an Electronic Mobile Data Application to be used in collecting data electronically via Cspro Application. The system will be designed to allow Enumerators to log into the System using the User ids to collect data and send it to the server. The system consists of the User Menu, which is made up of actions that one needs to do namely Data Collector, Send Data/Update System, and Logout and Exit the program. During the data collection the Enumerator first needs to Log into the System by entering the User Name and the password. The system checks if the userid is in the system to grant accordingly. The user menu will open where they will be asked what they want to do. The samples are already entered in the system. Depending on what cluster number has been pick in a particular province, all the Identification particulars such as Province, District, Constituency, Ward, Region, Census Supervisory Area (csa) and Enumeration area (ea) would be prefilled. Using a detailed literature review, the results of the study confirmed that the time it takes to analyse and write reports is reduced in Electronic Data Collection. The study identified errors and inconsistencies which, was resolved at interview time with the help of people who had knowledge of the data they were collecting, The data was more accurate in the questionnaire due to automated skip patterns and mandatory items which are programmed in the system for instance, if someone is aged 11 and the marital status asks people who are 12 years then this person was skipped because this was not applicable to the question. It was discovered also that Mobile Data Application also improved field management and Real Time Monitoring of Enumeration Activities as data is sent to the Central location. Based on the findings Organisations need to adopt Mobile Data Application, which as shown reduces errors during data capture when transcribing data from paper to mobile device and Boost field data capture productivity.
Thesis of Master of Engineering in Information Communications Technology.