Selected readings in education.

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Banja, M. K.(Editor)
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University of Zambia Press
The book presents standalone chapters, and each chapter discusses a particular theme in education. It presents some of the most topical but sometimes most ignored issues in education. The book provides needed information in eleven chapters and gives relevance and practical application not only in Zambia but in other parts of Africa, and the world at large. This is made possible not only by the global nature of the discussions, but also by the mere fact that some of the chapters reflect scholarly work from Nigeria, South Africa, Malawi, Zambia and Ireland; thus bringing to the discussion a rich milieu of knowledge and experiences. The interpretation of the different issues by the authors is likely to provoke healthy discussions. The book contributes in many important ways to our understanding of different issues in education and is structured as follows: Chapter 1 on Curriculum Reengineering and Development in Zambia: the Sociology of Education in the Face of Globalisation, provides philosophical introduction to the entire book and enables the book to find relevance and practical application across disciplines not only in Zambia but in other parts of Africa, and the world. It combines discussions on Curriculum Issues, Sociology of Education and the relatively new concept of Globalisation.
Education--Study and teaching. , Education--History--Zambia. , Education--Curriculum review--Zambia. , Education policies--Zambia.
Banja, M. K.(2017).(Editor) Selected Readings in Education.Lusaka: University of Zambia Press