Developing Secondary School Libraries in Zambia

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Kakoma, Albert Kaumba
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This study examines ways and means of developing school libraries in Zambia. The inclination is towards secondary school libraries. The development of school libraries has been left far behind by rapid development of education that has taken place since 1964; the year Zambia became an independent state. School libraries are being recognised all over the world as being essential educational tools. In developed countries they are integral part of the educational programme. The educational system of Zambia is presented including the planned changes which are aimed at improving the quality of education in schools. The short-comings of the educational system resulting from the absence of good libraries in most schools are also examined. A review of the present situation of school libraries is undertaken. The historical development of school libraries and present practices in Denmark, Australia, North America and the United Kingdom are examined with an emphasis on the actual role of the school library in education. From this examination of the international scene recommendations are made for the development of school libraries in Zambia including the training of personnel to staff them.
Developing School Libraries in Zambia , Secondary School libraries