The enforceability of intellcetual property laws in the digital age

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Sikombe, Namonje
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This dissertation considers the right to copyright and related works and how to ensure that owners of such works are protected from the increasing levels of piracy. The paper begins by giving an overview of the concept of copyright and related rights. It also looks at how such rights can be enforced and the challenges that owner's of such works face. It goes further to stating what role the law plays in enforcing the copyright and related rights in the digital age. The research also shows the important role that copyright and related rights play in the development of the country's economy, thus the importance of having an efficient and effective legal system to enforce these rights. The dissertation through research and interviews found that copyright Jaws play an essential role in the economic development of the country; it does so by ensuring that there is no tax evasion. The research has also found through the research that the use of security holograms as an instrument to enforcing authors rights as a positive move to preventing the high levels of piracy. From these findings, the research has concluded that a country's development depends to a large extent on the creativity and innovation of its people. As such, the research recommends that there is need to make the people aware of the value of intellectual property laws and the essential role that it plays in contributing to the economic growth of the country. The other recommendation is that there is need to implement the use of holograms as a security tool to curb the increasing levels of piracy by ensuring that the government releases the much needed funds for the implementation of these tools. The paper also recommends that there is need for Zambia to keep pace with the advancement in technologies in enforcing copyright works.
Intellectual property--Zambia