The emergency of white-color crimes in Zambia:- An assessment of the effects and the efficancy of the legal regimes in addressing the scourge

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Kaluba, Arnold
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White-collar crime is defined as a crime which is committed by a person of respectability and high social status in the course of his occupation. Its examples include Money laundering, Corruption, Cybercrimes, Counterfeiting, Fraud, Forgery, Embezzlement and Inside dealing. Because of the rampant increase in White-collar crimes, a need arose to conduct a study, whose main objective is to evaluate the effects of these crimes and assess the legal regime available for their regulation. The study has however restricted itself to discussing cybercrimes, specifically pornography, money laundering and corruption. In achieving the research objectives, both field and desk research were employed. Desk research involved collecting information from secondary sources such as books, journals, reports, dissertations, statutes and the internet. Field research, on the other hand, involved interviews with authorities relevant to the study. In the case of cybercrime, it was found that efforts to curb pornography are negated, mainly because of the global nature of the internet, which makes it difficult for national enforcement agencies to regulate. For money laundering, the complexity with which the crime is committed further compromises the efficiency of such institutions as the Anti- Money laundering Unit ("Unit") and the DEC in combatting the scourge. For corruption, in spite of the many laws enacted, coupled with the unceasing political promises to fight it, the said efforts have not translated into meaningful successes over the years. In order to effectively fight pornography, there is need to establish a special unit to investigate and prosecute cases of pornography. As regards money laundering, it is essential to enhance the capacity of both the Unit and DEC to fight the problem. Lastly, it is recommended that a successful fight against corruption requires both the simplification of procedures and strict enforcement of the principle of accountability at all levels.
White Collar Crimes---Zambia , Bribery , Fraud , Tax Evasion