The Zambia Development Agency and its effect on Investment

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Mukubesa, Akakandelwa Doreen
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With the desire to improve the living standards of the people through investment and job Creation, the government following vast consultations decide to amalgamate the following five statutory bodies so as to pave way for the creation of Zambia Development Agency (ZDA).The amalgamated bodies were; Export Board of Zambia, Small Enterprise Development Board, Zambia Export Processing Authority, Zambia Investment Centre and Zambia Privatization Agency. The Agency was established in 2006 by the Act of Parliament' and it became operational in 2007. It has been mandated to foster economic growth and development in Zambia through promoting trade and investment and an efficient, effective and coordinated private sector led economic development strategy. The same is also responsible for developing an internationally competitive Zambian economy through innovations that promote high skills, productive investment and increased trade. The question left to consider now is if the Agency thus created has been effective enough to impact positively on investment inflows in the country. The consideration extends further to investigate whether or not the Agency as a one stop contact is well able to do the functions of the amalgamated five statutory bodies that were there before it.
Investment-Zambia , Development-Zambia