''An analysis of agricultural policy process in Zambia

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Sindano, Mutengo
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Over the last decades, Zambia has been constantly carrying out and implementing agricultural policy initiatives that have been aimed at addressing agricultural constraints. However, its impact and the performance of agricultural sector have been unsatisfactory. Therefore, this study focused on identifying the players in the Agricultural Policy formulation, information flow from inception to the implementation level, and to identifying the bottlenecks hindering the formulation and implementation of agricultural policy and then offers policy recommendations. Qualitative method was used to collect data, which involved informal interviews with experts, and key informants in both informal and formal organisations using appropriately designed checklists directed at the employees or key informants in these organisations. Published and unpublished documents were also reviewed as sources of information. The data and information from the checklist was collated, compiled and synthesized into useful information From the results the major stakeholders identified in Agricultural Policy formulation process were MACO, ZNFU, Cabinet, Parliament, MCTI, MLA, MFNP, ZRA, ZCC, IC, donors and ZACCI. In addition, the phases in the agricultural policy formulation process are policy inception and implementation. Stakeholder Consultation, inter-Ministries Consultations, Cabinet Memorandum Review and Implementation. The study also identified the major bottlenecks, which affect the formulation of agricultural policy, and these are lack of co-ordination between ministries, conflicts of views, overlapping responsibilities of ministries, lack of resources and different stakeholders' groups. Therefore, for the government to improve the problems encountered in the policy process it must raise the quality of publicly funded research and extension services, as well as increasing the process of consultation to maximise farmers' participation in the policy formulation process, implementation, monitoring and evaluation.
Agriculture policy-Zambia , Agriculture and State