An integrated approach to sustainable urban infrastructure develiopment in Zambia.

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Musanda, Chilando Exter
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The University of Zambia
The ‘integration’ of infrastructure development has become a global focal point because it forms a backbone for economic growth, enables more productive urban spaces and improves the quality of urban life by optimizing interactions among essential infrastructure. Infrastructure systems differ greatly across regions, states, nations and continents. However, it is not clear how this integration of urban infrastructure development can be achieved to address the rising challenges of urbanization in Zambia. In attempting to meet current and future infrastructure needs of a growing population in urban cities of Zambia, this study was aimed at establishing a framework which could enhance the integrated planning, delivery and management of critical urban infrastructure; roads, railways, telecommunication, electricity, water and sewerage. Using literature review, structured interviews and questionnaire surveys to collect data, the results of the study established key ingredients, processes and methods thatcould enhance urban infrastructure planning, delivery and management. The results reviewed that integrated approach to urban infrastructure development has great potential to improve service delivery of sustainable urban infrastructure. Furthermore, there was 75% agreement among respondents regarding the ranking of ingredients for integrated urban infrastructure development in Zambia. In addition, a conceptual framework that attempts to integrate organizational infrastructure planning, delivery and management was proposed. The conceptual framework developed in this study could be used to improve urban infrastructure development systems in Zambia, thereby accelerating the attainment of economic, social and environmental goals. Appropriate policy support and technical practices focused on improving infrastructure development outcomes at the national and urban level have been recommended.
Thesis of Master of Engineering in Project Management