Knowledge and Utilization of HIV Post Exposure Prophylaxis Among Student Nurses at Ndola School of Nursing,Ndola Zambia

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Lungu, Manica Mapenzi
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The aim of the study was to determine knowledge and utilization of post exposure prophylaxis (PEP), to assess the relationship between knowledge and utilization of PEP, and also to examine the relationship between other variables and knowledge and utilization of PEP among student nurses at Ndola School of Nursing This study was conducted among students in all the three (3) academic years. A purposive sampling method was used to select study units and a sample of 118 was selected. Data were collected using self-administered questionnaires and a focus group discussion guide. Participants for the focus group discussion were also purposely selected from among students who did not participate in answering the self- administered questionnaire. Two focus group discussions were held. Each focus group discussion included six participants four females and two males and the combination of the members was as follows; two from the first years, two from the second years and two from the third years. The total number of participants for all the two focus group discussions was 12. Epi info version 6 and Epi Data version 3.1 software computer packages were used to analyze data. Chi- square was used to measure associations between dependent variables (knowledge and utilization of PEP) and the independent variables (stigma, religion, level of training, youth friendly services, low risk perception and quality of service). With the confidence interval set at 95%, the P value was used to ascertain the degree of significance by using the decision rule which rejects the null hypothesis if P value is equal or less than that of 0.05. Qualitative data were presented in narrative form and a full report of the focus group discussion was written using participants’ own words. Key statements and ideas expressed for each topic of discussion were listed down. Data were categorized and responses from the two focus group discussions were summarized.
Nurses --Health risk assessment. , AIDS (Disease) --Epidemiology.