Language-in-education policy in Zambia: policy and other dynamics.

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Banda, Dennis
Simwinga, John
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UNZA Press
This chapter discusses the legacy and dynamics of the language policy in Zambia from 1924 to the 2014 new education language policy. It examines some of the major factors which informed language-ineducation policy formulation and implementation in the country in relation to three landmark phases. The chapter reveals the mismatches between language policies and the language for initial literacy and changes in policy. It concludes that, while English has remained the sole official language at the national level, there has been increasing recognition of the role of local languages as languages of classroom instruction. In order to consolidate the gains over the years, the chapter argues for a comprehensive operationalisation of the current languagein-education policy through the formulation of a language development plan and the production of sociolinguistic surveys at both national and community level to aid teachers in determining which language or languages to use as a medium of classroom instruction.
Language policy--Zambia. , Language and education.