Effect of improved techniques on growth and organoleptic properties of corchorus olitorius in Lusaka Province of Zambia

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Nyathi, Ruth
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(Optimum spacing and nitrogen fertilizer application rates for maximum yield and quality of edible fresh leaves of corchorus olitorius were studied at the University of Zambia Field Station during January to May 1992.Ihe nitroqen levels were O, 4O, 8O, 120,160kg ha-1. Intra-row spacings were 2O cm, 3O cm, 4O cm and broadcasting. Inter row spacinq was 4O cm in all plots. The results indicated that leaf yields were hiqher with nitroqen fertilizer application as topdressinq than the control.Ihe highest leaf yield was 1 . 44 t ha-1 obtained at 4O kq N ha-1 with the lowest yield ot 1 .02 t ha -1 from the control. 'Ihere were little difference in crude protein and taste between control and fertilized plots.Ihe crude protein was hiqhest in wide spacinq of 4O cm x 4O cm and was lowest in broadcast inq treatments.It was concluded from the results of this experiment that maximum leaf yields were obtained throuqh applyinq topdressinq fertilizer of 4O kq ha-1. The crude protein and taste improved where spacing was done compared to broadcastinq. Positive correlation indicated that an increase in leaf yield was accompanied by crude protein increase.There is need to repeat the study durinq adequate rainfall conditions as the present results under drouqht may not be a true reflection of the performance of the crop.
Corchorus -- Zambia , Tossa Jute -- Zambia