An examination of records management practices in small and medium enterprises in Lusaka urban district of Zambia.

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Zulu, Yakhiwe Chapansi
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The Univerity of Zambia
The study sought to exam records management practices in small and medium enterprises in Lusaka Urban District of Zambia. The study was guided by four research objectives; to identify the type of records being created or received by the SMEs, to establish the existing record management practices in the SMEs, to examine the effect of records management on business performance in SMEs, and to establish challenges in records management in SMEs. The research design used was a survey. Sources of data were from primary sources and the instrument of data collection used was the interview schedule. The sample size was 20 owners and/or managers of SMEs. All the 20 owners/managers took part in the study. Data analysis was done thematically using content analysis. Research findings showed that the SMEs created and received mostly financial records such as; receipt books, financial statements, bank statements, invoices, books of accounts and purchase orders. Other findings revealed that paper based systems were used to manage records. Records were stored in managers’ offices. Research findings also revealed that to secure and protect records, lockable cabinets were used. Further findings revealed that the managers of records were not qualified in records management and there were no records management policies and retention and disposal schedules in place. The findings established that records management informed a business of its financial position. The challenge faced in managing records was the negative attitude by some managers towards managing records. Judging by the lack of policies and guidelines, it was concluded that the records management practices in the SMEs were inconsistent and inefficient. This study recommends that the SMEs formulate and promulgate records management policies. The SMEs should sensitize all employees on the importance of records and having a sound records management system. Further, SMEs should employ qualified records managers
Thesis of Masters of Library and Information Science Degree