Legal challenges of examinations malpractice and leakeges in basic and secondary schools in Zambia

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Hang'andu, Joseph N
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This essay critically analyses the policies, guidelines, the Examinations Council of Zambia Act No. 15 of 1983 and the regulations on the administration of examinations in Zambia at High School and Basic School level held at Grade 9 and 12.The issue has been approached from both the legal and administrative points of view. The study inquired into the weaknesses and strengths of the present legal deterrents available. An examination of the impact or effect of the increase in examination centres at Grade 9 and 12 and the concept of Academic Production Unit classes at both basic and secondary school has been done whose principal concern was a critical examination of the implications of these developments in tracing the causes of examination malpractices and leakages in the light of the education reforms. An illustration of the possible causes of leakages and malpractices has been made and why the existing law has failed to curtail the scourge which has a devastating effect on the quality of education even at tertiary education level in Zambia.
Examinations --Law and legislation--Zambia , Cheating (Education)--Zambia