Theory against practice: training of teachers in a vacuum.

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Simuyaba, Eunifridah
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Journal of Education & Social Policy
This paper is based on a study conducted in selected schools in Lusaka District in Zambia. The study aimed at getting teachers’ and head teachers’ perceptions on the performance of University of Zambia student teachers on teaching practice. The study employed both qualitative and quantitative research designs. Questionnaires and interviews for head teachers and class teachers mentoring the student teachers were administered. The main findings were that the training offered to these students did not prepare them for really-life situations in the field. The absence of values, attitudes, morals and practical approaches, methods, and techniques to suit real life situations in schools make the training offered ineffective and to some extent irrelevant. The study recommended more field observations within a classroom under the supervision of the classroom teacher, longer period of teaching practice where a student teacher is under close supervision of the classroom teacher and internship where a newly qualified teacher is supervised within his or her own classroom for some time. Key words: Teaching practice, perceptions, training, professional development.
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Teaching practice--Perceptions--Zambia.