An appraisal of the effectiveness of the legal and institutional machinery combating corruption in Zambia

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Ngatsha, Situlile Khumalo
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Corruption is one of the leading causes for the continued retardation of economic growth and development in most developing countries. It has various forms through which it can be perpetrated and as such it is a dynamic problem. This study therefore explores whether this vice is being adequately addressed by the Zambian legal and political institutions.Often times, legislation is not adequate to address the need to punish perpetrators of this vice. Therefore, the Zambian legislative mechanisms in place to address this problem have to be appraised. Further, legislation cannot be enforced in a vacuum; this is to say that there is need for a proper enforcement system through which the intention of the legislature in enacting laws can be carried out. The institutions charged with this responsibility therefore have to be reviewed every so often in order that an assessment of whether these institutions are complementing the law in place can be made. Other significant aspects related to the prevention and punishment of corruption related crimes include the judicial system. Whether such system is adequately supported or complemented by the state in its prosecution of such offences is also necessary factor in determining whether the fight against corruption can be won. Legal practitioners also have a role to play; innovation and utilization of all areas of law to address corruption must be resorted to in order to ensure that all possible avenues are utilized to ensure corruption is done away with. It is therefore observed that corruption is usually punished where the requisite political will exists to eradicate it. In light of this, all stakeholders play a pivotal role in ensuring that corruption becomes a thing of the past. This includes lethargic political actors, active civil society and a bold judiciary to mention a few. The need for reform in the way the Zambian system operates as a whole to combat corruption cannot be overemphasized. This paper therefore discusses these issues in depth and offers possible solutions to the various impediments present in the fight against corruption in Zambia today.
Corruption, Political - Zambia , Corruption, Judicial - Zambia , Corruption, Admiistrative - Zambia