An assessment on the usage of information communication technologies (ICTs) in the delivery of quality education: a comparative study of Hilcrest National school and David Livingstone secondary school in Livingstone.

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Hamooya, Chrispin.
Siyomunji, Phyllis.
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Department of Library and Information studies
ICTs have been found to be a very important step in education around the world. The study aimed doing a comparative assessment on the usage of ICTs in the delivery of quality education; at Hillcrest National School and David Livingstone Secondary School in Livingstone. The objectives were to identify the usage and benefits of using ICTs in Schools, challenges faced by both teachers and pupils and lastly suggest measures towards improvement of ICTs. The sample firstly considered Grade 12 the pupils of these schools as these seen to have been at these school of long period. Then the teachers as well as the ICTs Co-ordinators were considered. The sample size consisted eighty ( 80) pupils, forty (40) pupils from each school and twenty (20) teachers which was ten (10) from each school and two (2) ICT coordinators meaning one (1) from each school. The sampling frame used was the establishment registers for 2014 while simple random sampling was used as a sampling technique. Eighty (80) questionnaires were distributed to pupils while twenty-two (22) semi-structured questionnaires were prepared for teachers and ICT coordinators to supply key information about the institutional framework. There was a 100% response rate in all categories. The study revealed that 100% respondents s at Hillcrest used ICTs as a source of information while only 50% used it at David Livingstone. Additionally, 100% at Hillcrest saw ICTs as a need in their studies while only 80% at David Livingstone thought so. The findings further reveal that 77.8 % of respondents at Hillcrest used ICTs for academic purposes while only 48.5 % at David Livingstone used it for such purposes. The findings of the study reviewed that benefits were enormous. In terms of challenges, 85% of respondents at Hillcrest thought time allocated for the usage of ICTs was not enough while at David Livingstone the lack of adequate ICTs was seen as a challenge. It was thus concludedgs are that the use of ICTs at Hillcrest was better than David Livingstone. Majority of the pupils at Hillcrest used computers because they were adequate as compared to David Livingstone which had very few computers. It was thus recommended that more time be allocated for ICT usage at Hillcrest while David Livingstone secondary School should improved on ICT facilities .
Information. , Communication. , Education. , Technology. , Teaching.