The protection of the rights to privacy and property in the fight against corruption in Zambia

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Siyomunji, Sally
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Many people have written on the subject of corruption, both locally and internationally. Some countries have developed measures to try and eradicate corruption in their countries, but have not been successful because it is difficult to completely eradicate corruption, but can only be reduced. Corruption has been singled out to be one of the factors that causes poverty, lack of development in a nation and retards economic growth. Many countries in the world have set up anti-corruption agencies in their countries and a number of various instruments are being used. These tools that are used in these countries have to comply with international instruments and should not lead to violation of peoples' rights. It is encouraged that countries should sign and ratify the United Nations Convention against Corruption (UNCAC) and other international instruments relevant to the fight against corruption. The nations need to implement measures that are compatible with these instrumentsThis research paper looks at the fight against corruption and the protection of the rights to privacy and property. Measures that are used to fight corruption should be in line with human rights principles and should not lead to violation of the rights mentioned. The paper will analyze the various instruments that are used to fight corruption in Zambia and also those that are used globally. The paper will also assess the extent to which they have assisted in fighting corruption. The paper will also address how proceeds of corruption have been handled and if there has been any violation of peoples' rights to privacy and property. It is hoped that this research paper will bring about a greater understanding of the effects of corruption and identify measures necessary to minimize it whilst at the same time safeguarding the rights to privacy and property.
Privacy, Right of--Zambia , Property--Zambia