Metal Forming Analysis

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Kumwenda, Samuel
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Production by pressing in its many forms together with sheet metal working constitutes one of the most absorbing branches of production engineering, and one which plays a vital role in domestic life, being largely responsible for many of the comforts which have been brought within the reach of all classes. The use of analysis methods like the Angela system and the finite element software to simulate stress distribution and displacement in carrying out analysis procedure can aid the production of safer components at an affordable cost. This project presents the simulation of a lmm, 106mm diameter blank and 1.6mm, 120x70mm blank of mild steel in terms of Deep Drawing and Bending experiments respectively. It was observed that the stress distribution in the finite element was much more elaborate in that it gave us deeper insight with regards the behavior of the meshes. It was also observed that the stress values for the Finite Element compared closely with the analytical values than the Angela Data Logging System results. Thus finite element analysis can be chosen as one of the elaborate methods required for improved product analysis in this modern world.
Mechanical Engineering students report-2003
Metal Work-Mathematical models , Finite element method , Numerical Analysis