Information professionals as “hybrid managers” in the knowledge economy: a review from the Zambian perspective.

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Wamundila, Sitali
Mulauzi, Felesia
Mtanga, Naomy
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Zambia Library Association
The purpose of this conceptual paper was to highlight the need for information professionals to transform themselves into hybrids capable of performing various roles in the knowledge economy. The paper has highlighted changes that have taken place in the provision of information services as well as focused on the need for changes in training background of information professionals so as to enable them cope with the demands of the knowledge economy. A desk review of relevant literature on changes within the information profession and their implication on information professionals was conducted. Findings indicate that there is continual change in the information profession that has necessitated changes in the operational environment of most institutions as well as world economies in general. Not only have information provision institutions realized the need for transforming their services to meet contemporary demands but information professionals have also realized the need to take on interdisciplinary approach to their training and exposure to work environment. This paper, adds to knowledge on the on-going debate on skills for information professionals in the knowledge economy form the Zambian perspective. The paper has value in informing Zambian information professionals on their need to be versatile and remain competitive in the knowledge economy.
Information professionals. , Knowledge economy. , Knowledge workers. , Hybrid managers.