The catchment sediment budget as a management tool

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Walling, Des, E.
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Environmental science & p o li c y
There is increasing recognition that fine sediment represents an important diffuse source pollutant in surface waters, due to its role in governing the transfer and fate of many substances, including nutrients, heavy metals, pesticides and other organic contaminants, and because of its impacts on aquatic ecology. Catchment management strategies therefore frequently need to include provision for the control of sediment mobilisation and delivery. The sediment budget concept provides a valuable framework for assisting the management and control of diffuse source sediment pollution and associated problems, by identifying the key sources and demonstrating the importance of intermediate stores and the likely impact of upstream mitigation strategies on downstream suspended sediment and sedimentassociated contaminant fluxes. Accordingly, the utility of the sediment budget concept for catchment management is further discussed, by introducing examples from several contrasting river basins. Keywords: Sediment budget Catchment management Sediment sources Sediment stores Sediment yields
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Catchment management , Sediment yields