The practice based model: a proposed training package for special education trainee teachers in Zambia: in Banja M.K. selected readings volume 2.

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Muzata, Kenneth Kapalu & Ndonyo Thomas
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This chapter proposes the adoption of the Practice Based Model in training of special education teachers in Zambia. The practice based model whose links lie in the Cognitive Apprenticeship Model and Constructive Psychology emphasises effective learning and effective teacher training to be based on practice. Currently in Zambia teachers are trained at diploma and degree levels for three and four years respectively in public and private colleges of education and universities following the same training model with mainstream teachers. The teaching practice period accorded to trainee teachers is not adequate. Questions about special education teachers lacking competences in sign language and braille for instance have been echoed. These are practical skills requiring mastery over a period of time. Currently, student teachers in colleges of education go for teaching practice nd rdtwice for three months each at 2 and 3 year levels while a variety of differences exists at university level with some universities sending students for only 8 weeks. The New Curriculum Framework 2013 recommends that teaching practice should not be less than 3 months. This is an umbrella arrangement which does not favour effective training of teachers for learners with special education needs. Special education teachers need more hands on (practical) experience with various types of challenges of learners with special educational needs. This paper calls for more time for special education trainee teachers to practice and gain not only content but skills and values for teaching learners with special education needs. The chapter analyses the deficiencies observed in the current special education teacher preparation and suggests the adoption of the practice based model so as to have effective teachers who would competently teach learners with special needs in any environment where such learners are found.
Teachers-Special education. , Special education. , Teaching practice. , Teacher training.
Muzata, K.K. & Ndonyo, T. M. (2019). 'The Practice based Model: A Proposed Training Package for Special Education Trainee Teachers in Zambia'. In: M.K. Banja (Ed.). Selected Readings in Education Volume 2. (pp. 23-41). Lusaka: Marvel Publishers