The effect of casting materials on the yield of Button Mushroom(AGARICUS BISPORUS)

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Mutale, Francis
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Application of a casing on compost fully run with mycelia has been said to improve yields of button mushroom (Agaricus bisporus). A study was undertaken at the University of Zambia, School of Agricultural Sciences (Field Station) with the objective of determining the effect of using different casing materials on the yield of button mushroom. Two materials, black soil and pine bark were used as independent casing materials while the third casing comprised a mixture of 50% black soil and 50% pine bark (1:1 by volume).Analysis revealed significant differences among the treatments for total yield. Of the three casing materials used in the study, the mixture produced the highest yields followed by black soil and lastly, pine bark. For mean yields per flush, there were significant differences in the first two flushes with mixture producing the highest yields and pine bark the least. Mean yields in the third flush were not significantly different. No significant differences were observed in both days to flushing and duration of each flush for all treatments.
Mushroom culture , Agaricus Bisporus-Cultivation-Zambia