Resaerch on the Effectiveness of Food Reserve Agency In Desiminating Agricultural Information Services to the Peasant farmers Of Ngwerere Area

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Banda, Agripa
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This study aimed at investigating the effectiveness of the food reserve agency (FRA) in providing agricultural marketing information to peasant farmers of Ngwerere area to achieve household food security. This report aims at showing the relevance of information provision in the agriculture sector as an instrument to increase agriculture productivity, efficiency and yields to the peasant farmers in Ngwerere area, hence achieve household food security. The objectives of this research include the general objective which is to investigate the effectiveness of the Food Reserve Agency (FRA) in providing agricultural marketing information to peasant farmers of Ngwerere area and the specific objectives which include the following ; to find out if the information provided to the peasant farmers meets their basic needs of life, to find out the information needs of farmers and to establish the media to be used in the dissemination of information to the peasant farmers. The methodology used in this research was based on non experimental design as it involved a selection of a sample from Ngwerere area, using this method, the key findings included the following; the majority of the farmers in Ngwerere area find it hard to access market information from FRA information system due to the format through which information is provided and FRA was ineffective in the provision of market information. The recommendations for this research pointed out that, FRA should help the small scale farmers with relevant agriculture information, farming input, equipment and credit loans and to ensure efficiency and effectiveness FRA should establish a community information centre in Ngwerere area in collaboration with the Agricultural Information System and Farmers Union of Zambia to provide current, up to date and relevant agriculture market information. Therefore, in conclusion peasant farmers of Ngwerere area need relevant market information for them to trade and be able to raise an income which will improve their quality of life.
Farmers--Information Services--Zambia , Agriculture Information--Zambia , Agriculture Information--Zambia