Impact of outsourcing on quality of service on cellular mobile provider : a case of airtel Zambia.

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Mudenda, Macarthur Simalumba
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The University of Zambia
This dissertation looks at the impact of outsourcing on the quality of service of a cellular mobile network service provider. Outsourcing is when any operation or process that could be or would usually be performed in-house by an organisation’s employees is sub-contracted to another organisation for a substantial period. The outsourced tasks can be performed on-site or off-site. To investigate this impact of quality of service on a cellular mobile network provider, a case study was conducted on Airtel Zambia Limited. The aspects of the network that were investigated were the radio and transmission functionalities. Under these functionalities, the major Key performance Indicators (KPIs) which are an agreed measure of the quality of service for both the passive and active elements were investigated. These KPIs were the Radio Network Availability (RNA), Traffic channel Drop (TCH drop), Traffic Channel Congestion (TCH cong) and Stand-Alone Dedicated Control Channel Congestion (SDCCH Cong). The results of this investigation indicated that, there has been an increase in power outages from 84% before outsourcing to 95% after outsourcing and a reduction in transmission outages from 33% before outsourcing to 16% after outsourcing of the network. This increment in power outages invariably had an effect on the RNA of the network. There was very little change on the KPIs of TCH drop, CSSR, TCH cong and SDCCH after outsourcing. The RNA was the most visibly affected KPI after outsourcing. This particular KPI affected the availability of the network to the subscriber and therefore limited access to the network. Although these results would quantify the benefits of outsourcing to decision makers and various service providers when conducting this business model, it is very difficult to distinctively state the comparative benefits with the conventional business model since it was only one particular KPI which was affected. Therefore, outsourcing did not have any adverse impact on the quality of service on a cellular mobile network service provider, in this case Airtel Zambia.
Mobile network service providers--Zambia.