An analysis of the movement for multiparty democracy government's efforts to enhance democracy at the local government level

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Folotiya, Thandiwe
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In 1991, the international community regarded Zambia as a champion of democracy after her peaceful transition from a one-party to a multi-party state. Sadly, the government's zeal for democracy is slowly being eroded by greed, corruption and intolerance, and the development of the nation envisaged as a result of democracy is taking longer to achieve.This directed research studies the decentralisation of the local government system in Zambia because I believe that the development of an efficient, transparent, accountable and participative local government will help develop and enhance democracy in Zambia. To build a democratic culture, the people must be educated on their civic duties and their important role of participating in the democratic process.The aim of this directed research is to show the reader that central government, despite its initiatives to decentralise local government, still has considerable control over local government. It is up to Zambian citizens to influence changes to the system in order for them to reap from the development arising from the effective democratic decentralisation of local government.
Local government , Decentralization in government , Democracy --Zambia , Zambia --Politics and government