Meeting the training needs for knowledge and content management specialists: case study of southern african universities.

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Wamundila, Sitali
Mulauzi, Felesia
Mtanga, Naomy
Njobvu, Benson
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Standing Conference for Eastern, Central and Southern African Library and Information Association (SCECSAL)
Information professionals have been in the information provision business for long period of time. Along the way, approaches to information provision have been dynamic owing to the advent of the knowledge era. As need to offer information and knowledge services via variety of skills intensifies, institutions imparting information provision skills must respond to the demand. However, the extent to which such demands for contemporary skills in information provision have been satisfied still remains unknown, more so within the Southern African Region. In view of the above, this study investigated changes in curricular for LIS departments towards imparting contemporary skills for effective knowledge and content management in Southern African Universities. The study used a qualitative approach for data collection and analysis. The study revealed, among other things, the status in terms of courses offered by the Universities with regard to imparting contemporary information and knowledge provision and management skills, necessary for knowledge and content management work in organisations.
Knowledge management , Content management , Information provision , Information and communication technologies (ICTs).