A Study of fine needle aspiration cytology of breast lumps in the University Teaching Hospital

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Bowa, Kasonde
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This was a prospective study done to assess FNAC as a diagnostic tool in the investigation of breast lumps in University Teaching Hospital. Though this method is inexpensive and has been shown to be highly accurate it is not in common use at this institution. Seventy three female patients from the surgical outpatient clinic were included in the study. The average age was 25years. Most of the lumps were clinically benign (71%). All the patients consented to FNAC but only 49% went on to have histopathological diagnosis. Of all these 31% were malignant and 69% were benign. The average age of patients with malignant lumps was SOyears while that of benign lumps was 24years. Patients above 25years had a higher likelihood of malignancy than those below. In this study it was found that FNAC had sensitivity of 73% and a specificity of 96% . This level of accuracy compares favourably with other centres in the United Kingdom and meets the quality assurance requirements recommended for the United Kingdom, FNAC was found to be a safe and accurate method of screening and investigating breast lumps in University Teaching Hospital. Guidelines for it's use in University Teaching Hospital are given.
Cytology-Zambia , Cell Biology-Zambia