An evaluation of the efficacy of Zambian labour laws and policies in relation to foreign investors as employers

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Akolwa, Inutu
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Zambia is considered to be one of the of the best Foreign Direct Investment destinations in Africa, clearly evidenced in the mining sector which over the years has experienced formidable Direct Investment from diverse countries. The aim of this paper is to discuss and ascertain why in spite of favourable investment, standards of labour conditions are seen to deteriorate, more especially under the foreign investors as employers. The writer in trying to ascertain why the position regards the labour conditions is as it is, looked at the various sources of employment regulations in Zambia which include legislation and Government policy .From these the writer concluded, various factors contribute to the dismal situation regards conditions of labour under Foreign investors as employers, outstanding was the inadequacy of the Zambian Laws and the pertinent Government policies. The writer on these findings makes recommendations aimed generally at providing greater protections for the employees' interests and also enhancing their welfare.
Labor laws and legislation , Investments, Foreign --Law and legislation--Zambia , Business enterprises, Foreign --Law and legislation--Zambia