Simulation of fatigue failure in Sisal and Kenaf reinforced polypropylene

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Mbiyana, Keegan M.
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Currently Fibre-Glass (FG) is the most widely used reinforcement in polymer composites. However, GF or fibre (|rassijs very expensive and non-biodegradable hence the need for alternative reinforcement materials that are less expensive like natural fibres. Natural fibre reinforced polymers (NFRPs) are widely used in engineering. Products of NFRPs include garden hoses in which the polymer matrix is reinforced with cotton. Like any other engineering material, however, NFRPs could fail due to fatigue. This occurs under repeated or cyclic loading. While the tensile behaviour of these polymers has been investigated to some fair extent, very little has been done on the investigation of fatigue behaviour in natural fibres like sisal and Kenaf as well as their polymer composites.This project is aimed at simulating the failure of natural fibre reinforced polymers (NFRPs) due to fatigue using Cosmos Works, sisal and kenaf in particular. This project will run parallel with another project for SILUMBWE SYDNEY in which actual tests will be done to determine fatigue failure. At the end of the project, the results will assist Engineers to predict fatigue failure in NFRPs and recommend suitable applications of these composites. This will be done by inputting material physical properties into the software and then run the fatigue failure simulation.
Polypropylene , Reinforced Plastics