The effects of partial replacement of Soyabean with Alkali treated Sunflower seed cake on Broiler(Finisher)performance

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Kibombwe, Hope Siliko
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University of Zambia
Soya bean meal is commonly used as major protein contributor in broiler production but with the currently high cost of producing poultry in Zambia, it has become necessary that alternative local feeds replace soya bean in order to reduce the cost of feeding which accounts for about 70% of production. The study was carried out 1 D investigate the effects of pre alkaline treatment of sunflower seed cake on its nutrient content as well as the effects of replacing soya bean meal in finisher diets with alkali treated sunflower seed cake, on the growth performance of broilers. A total of 100 day old unsexed broiler chicks Ross) were used in the experiment. The experiment lasted 42 days and a two phase feeding program was used. 5 experimental diets were supplied adlibitum; the soya bean meal in finisher ( let was replaced at the rate of 10% and 20%. Replacement of soya bean meal with TSSC had no significant effect (P>0.05) on the feed conversion ratio of the bin s. It was concluded that TSSC can replace soyabean meal up to 20% in broiler finisher diets.
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Poultry , Chickens-Feeding and Feeds