The control and regulation of elephant sport hunting in Zambia

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Simbwalanga, Zhunga, A.
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This dissertation considers the control and regulation of elephant sport hunting in Zambia. In approaching the subject matter of the research, the essay starts by examining the reasons surrounding the justification for the control and regulation of elephant sport hunting. Moreover, the essay enquires roles played by various agencies and legislation in Zambia and makes an observation whether the objectives of employing the current regulation are realized. The Zambia Wildlife Authority faces problems of over hunting and illegal hunting through none adherence to weak regulations that have been set. Through desk research and interviews conducted in this field it was discovered that licensing was inadequate and hence needs re-enforcement through the incorporation of other agencies such as the Zambia Environmental Management Agency. The gradual loss of elephants in their habitats through such sport activities if not checked can cause the depletion of the natural resource thereby affecting foreign exchange and the eco-system as a whole in an adverse manner. Lack of enforcement of the regulation and controls has caused the perpetration of the over hunting since people hunt with the view that once caught the penalty may be something sufferable. Lack of enforcement can be attributed to lack of strength on the part of the legislation and in fact there are no pronounced requirements for one to follow when engaging in elephant sport hunting. As such, this essay recommends the cultivation of political will by government which will eventually result in an effectual legislation aimed at the proper control and regulation of sport hunting. Once control and regulation of sport hunting properly and effectively employed, its role, in the tourism and trade will become more pronounced and recognized.
Hunting - Zambia , Hunting - Law and legislation, Zambia , Elephant Hunting