Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Planned Parenthood Association of Zambia in Providing Adoloscent sexual and Reproductive Health to Pupils of Kabulonga Girls High School

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Hibusu, Ladilas
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The study was carried out to determine the effectiveness of PPAZ in providing adolescent sexual and reproductive health information to pupils of Kabulonga Girls High school. The research was carried out because most pupils at Kabulonga Girls high school have either unreliable or false information on sexuality and reproduction. This has resulted in grave consequences on their part. These consequences can be stated as physical and psychological. Physically, they are at risk of contracting Sexually Transmitted Infections as well as unwanted/unplanned pregnancies which might bring an end to their academic careers because concentration might not be there. This may mean withdrawal from school hence knocking out past years of hard work. Psychologically, pupils may be disturbed in their school work and even their in future lives.The broad objective of the study was to evaluate the effectiveness of PPAZ in the provision of adolescent sexual and reproductive health information and services to pupils of Kabulonga Girls High school and the specific objectives were: to assess Kabulonga Girls pupils' knowledge levels, perceptions, attitudes and beliefs on the information provided by PPAZ in combating HIV/AIDS and STIs, unwanted pregnancies and unsafe abortions and to identify factors affecting the access and utilisation of reproductive health information provided by PPAZ.The survey was carried out among 50 respondents of Kabulonga Girls in the eleventh grade. The respondents were randomly selected in 5 grade eleven classes and in every selected class; a Focus Group Discussion was done. The study revealed that PPAZ is not effective in providing adolescent sexual and reproductive health information to the youths as it purports.
Information Servives--Human reproduction--Zambia , Information Services--Teenage Girls--zambia , Teenage Pregnancy--zambia , Information Services--Teenage pregnancy--Zambia